Last week I discovered an online digital marketing summit that focused on communication for not-for-profit (NFP), social enterprise and community organisations. Unite2020, offered by Perth-based social media company Hancock Creative, ran online with three days of Zoom webinars – available by donation, if possible, or free of charge, if need be. A generous move, in light of the financial constraints many in the target audience would have found themselves at the moment.

As I’m particularly interested in supporting NFPs and small businesses with their communication strategies, I registered for as many sessions as I could fit into my schedule. However, all the webinars were made available to attendees for another 14 days, which is fantastic. I’m still trying to get through everything I wanted to!

As an editor rather than an organisation, it was clear to me how vital active marketing, engaging and communicating is for NFPs and community organisations. Attracting donors, sponsors, funding, grants, volunteers and supporters is a competitive business, unfortunately, and not every organisation has the luxury of a social media guru or a marketing genius in their paid ranks.

I’m not sure if Unite2020 has run before, but I truly hope it’s on again next year and that many of the dedicated workers in the community sector can participate. A fantastic opportunity to gain very valuable skills and strategies tailored to the audience.