It’s not all about authors and organisations! Whoever you are, whatever you’re writing, I can support you with your project. There are lots of reasons why people write, and lots of benefits to gain from involving an editor in that writing.

Are you …

  • writing a memoir?
  • working on an instructional book or sets of procedures?
  • not sure that your CV is contemporary, concise, clear and engaging?
  • writing a feature article?
  • responsible for a regular newsletter, blog or group communication?
  • a member of a writers group who’d like someone to present about editing?
  • working busily on some other kind of written project?

Then I can help by …

  • advising you on narrative structure and editing practices, to make your writing time more productive
  • reviewing the logical flow and clarity of your document, to ensure the information is accessible
  • providing copyediting, structural editing or proofreading, to make your writing the best it can be
  • delivering a presentation about editing techniques, practices and professional standards
  • recommending resources for editing, writing, and managing copyright
  • connecting you to related professional services such as graphic designers, self-publishing managers or industry networks.

I’ve been working directly or indirectly with editing and publishing for 15 years and I love helping people succeed with their writing or messaging. 

My experience has been broad, giving me an excellent background in print and digital publishing, copyright, permissions, multimedia, image research and social media.

I’ll be able to help you succeed in making your writing project successful. And it costs nothing to ask how!

Let’s make your message matter.