You’ve worked hard to complete your book manuscript, write your industry report or project plan, prepare your marketing content or map out your website. You’re on your way to reaching your readers!

Now, let’s make sure your writing is the best it can possibly be, so that it does its job well. No matter the message format, what you want to say matters. And I can help you say it successfully.

Are you looking for a skilled, experienced and friendly editor? Someone who’ll handle your work sensitively, with your goals and purpose as their top priority? You’ve found the right person.

–Lee Ellwood, accredited editor

Why engage an editor?

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To ensure your writing is clear, consistent, correct and cohesive, so your project (and you!) is professional, engaging and meaningful.

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To help you craft your message effectively, so it hooks and engages the readers you want.

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To think like a reader, so your writing speaks to your readers’ needs, experiences and circumstances and connects with them.

Why choose me?

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I have tertiary qualifications in editing and writing (Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Certificate in Editing and Electronic Publishing) and undertake ongoing industry training.

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I am an accredited editor and Professional member of both the Institute of Professional Editors and the UK’s Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading.

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I have diverse experience in print and web publishing, from proofreading, copyediting and image management to rights clearances, feature writing and book editing.

What do my clients say?

Free tips and hints to help your writing